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Today, data growth continues at a rapid pace and extracting maximum value from data remains a top digital business challenge. Firms that can find new ways to innovate with data and digital technologies will surpass competitors. The introduction of IoT, mobile, cloud and other technologies is presenting opportunities to capture, create and monetize new data types from a growing set of sources. Firms who extract the most value from this data can revolutionize industries and create products and services to capture markets and drive new revenue streams.

Athena Advisory helps organizations innovate and ready their data and technology to enable digital business transformation.

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Data, Analytics & AI Transformation

Unlock the full potential of analytics and artificial intelligence to revolutionize your business

Icon Strategy & Roadmap Strategy & Roadmap

In today's data-driven world, a DnA strategy is a crucial component of overall business strategy — and in many cases it is the business strategy. Taking a structured approach with proven methods, we help organizations identify how they can best leverage data and analytics to create and sustain desired business value and develop the roadmap of investments to get there. More..

Icon Readiness Assessment Readiness Assessment

Athena Advisory's rapid, low-cost approach to helping you identify and prioritize "hot spots" for digital transformation. This diagnostic assesses current capability maturity across the data lifecycle and identifies opportunities to improve alignment between IT and digital transformation goals. More..

Icon Accelerators Accelerators

Small steps lead to giant leaps. Moving up the DnA maturity curve and reaching the desired end state isn't an "all or nothing" proposition. We can help minimize the time and investment needed to get insights and value from your data by identifying specific, business-relevant use cases that can quickly benefit from proven techniques. More..

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Data Innovation & Monetization

Monetizing data can be a high-margin venture

The data monetization market is expected to reach $370B by 2023.

– Allied Market Research

There is no question data has a quantifiable economic benefit. Whether your business is looking to identify ways to create new products and services to compete in the digital world or augment human capabilities at greater scale to improve operations, Athena’s services are designed to help.

Monetizing data means identifying the right use cases for the industry where you compete. Athena Advisory data and technology strategy, artificial intelligence and data modernization services utilize proven methods to help discover, enrich and prioritize use cases based on market value. Then, with the right use cases in hand, we map these to the right technology platforms and capability patterns to accelerate achieving desired outcomes.

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Digital Ethics & Trust

Manage the ethical complexities
of the digital age

Companies are quickly learning that advanced analytics and AI don't just scale solutions — they also scale risk. In this environment, data and AI ethics are business necessities, not academic curiosities. Companies need a clear plan to deal with the ethical quandaries this new tech is introducing.

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Assessment & Governance

We evaluate an organization’s data-driven technology and governance approaches to ensure ethical practices are used to protect organizations from negative reputational and financial impact and establish standards, principles, and policies. Areas assessed include data science formulas, methods, algorithms, privacy, product design and technology.


Ethics & Risk Monitoring

We work with you to design a framework for ongoing monitoring and reporting of critical KPIs that continuously reveal progress towards reaching and maintaining business objectives for ethical practices and alignment with relevant industry standards.

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Data Management & Governance Modernization

Your analytics and AI models are only as good as the data you feed them

While data itself is the star of digital business, modern data management practices and technology capabilities are the critical supporting cast. The past decade has brought many advances in data management and data-related technologies: big data, cloud computing, data lakes, advanced analytics, self-service, data cataloging, machine learning and much more. Athena Advisory helps navigate this complex landscape to identify the right capabilities, technologies and operating models needed for your organization’s success.
icon Data Governance

Data Governance & Metadata Maturity

Governance is much more than standards and compliance – it’s about getting the right data to the right people at the right time. Athena can help create a complete picture of your data landscape, metadata management practices, and the governance program needed to enrich, catalog and drive consistency and quality of your data.

icon Data Management Operating Model

Data Management Operating Model

What processes, people skills, roles and organizational constructs are needed to support and enable your digital transformation objectives? Athena Advisory can help establish the data lifecycle disciplines and architecture deliverables to shape your future business/IT operating model.

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Technology Strategy & Architecture

Establish the modern building blocks for enabling digital business

icon IT Healthcheck & Diagnostic

EA Maturity for Digital Business

Mature Enterprise Architecture practices are foundational to digital transformation success. Athena reorients EA teams from an operational focus to customer-centric, digital-driven practices to establish an EA function blended with digital business teams and realigned to digital priorities. Athena then helps you institute governance and principles to drive technology modernization practices from application rationalization and cloud readiness to advanced data management architectures.

icon Enterprise Architecture

IT Healthcheck & Diagnostic

Rapid, low-cost way to begin to identify and prioritize “hot spots” for transformation improvement. Offers a customizable deliverable from a high-level assessment to a deep dive diagnostic and roadmap that drives technology programs in support of digital transformation.

Technology Strategy & Architecture picture

Digital leaders are companies in which EA teams regularly engage with senior executives and boards in discussions surrounding business strategy. – McKinsey

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